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Team Phoenix
Welcome to our Gauntlet 2018 Team Fundraising Page!

Our team is the defending Gauntlet champions, participating the previous two years as Except, All Substitutions. This year, we're representing our local game store, Phoenix Comics and Games, located in Capitol Hill in Seattle. You can check out their website at www.phoenixseattle.com 

Each member of the team is also a Magic Judge, and participates in the local Magic community. Through the Magic Judge program, he Gauntlet itself has traveled around the world this year. 

Here our two of our friends, Brian, displaying the Gauntlet at the Prize Wall at a GP, and Megan, rocking the Gauntlet while scorekeeping at an event.


Donation Rewards

We also have some pretty sweet donation rewards for this year. 

$30 Donation - Entry into Sealed Magic Event in Seattle 5/19

The members of Team Phoenix are running a Dominaria Sealed event the day before the Gauntlet and all entries into the event go towards our fundraising!  The event will take place at Phoenix Comics and Games in Seattle (Capitol Hill neighborhood).  

$15 Donations - Random Playmat

As Magic Judges, we end up with a lot of Magic playmats. Donate $15 and we'll give you a random one from our collection! These are generally going to be GP mats from the last few years, including some sweet ones like Sword of Fire and Ice, and Delver of Secrets.

$25 Donations - Team Shirt

Want to rep the defending champions? Donate $25 and you get a team shirt!


$300 Donations - Dinner & Games with the team

Play Board Games with the Gauntlet Champions. 

Shirts and Playmats will be available at Phoenix Comics and Games starting near the end of April. If you're going to be at a Magic event where one of us will be on staff like Magic GPs in Dallas, Sacramento, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles, we can deliver them that way. Feel free to get your donation in now, and we'll find a way to get your stuff to you once its available.

For Dinner rewards, we'll reach out and set up a time and place. You'll most likely need to be local to Seattle, but we do travel to many Magic GPs, so we can work something out. 

Please include your name and contact info, so we can get in touch about rewards.

About the Charity

We're excited to help raise money for Wellspring Family Services, a Seattle based non-profit that has been working to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a nonviolent community for over 120 years! They achieve their mission through the effective provision of social and mental health services that help strengthen families, addressing a broad range of issues that can negatively affect their lives.

ENGAGE - Mox Boarding House’s charitable giving program, is hosting a table top gaming tournament and fundraiser called The Gauntlet: Realms, on May 20th, in Bellevue, WA. Please help me, as well as my team, to  support this amazing charity by donating to our campaign- in doing so, you will help our team to earn valuable "Power-Ups"  (advantages) that will be used during the tournament. Just click the "Make a Donation" button at the top, to get started!

If you are interested in seeing how your donation impacts the tournament total, as well as how our team utilizes our earned power-ups, you may watch the live stream on May 20th! 

Click here to watch the whole event unfold: Card Kingdom Twitch Channel

Thanks for your support! 

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