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Here's the page to get the puzzlehunt for the Gauntlet 2018!

Hey everyone, it's Mike Selinker from Lone Shark Games. Co-designer Paul Peterson and I were thrilled to get asked by the ENGAGE team to write the finale for this year's Mox Gauntlet. We constructed boardgame-themed puzzlehunt which you can get access to just by donating $15 or more to help raise money for Wellspring Family Services, a Seattle-based non-profit that has been working to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a nonviolent community for over 120 years. We love the Gauntlet, so we're happy to give all the proceeds to Wellspring. This offer ends Monday night at midnight Pacific, so if you want the puzzlehunt, consider donating now.

After donations close tonight, we'll send a link on Tuesday to a PDF to everyone who donated. It'll include an answer file and a hint file. The Gauntlet players had a time limit (Forrest-Pruzan finished first in 1 hour and 50 minutes) and couldn't use resources, but you can take your own sweet time and use all the internets you like. It helps to play in a group, and some light game knowledge helps a lot. And it's fun! So please donate and we'll send you a cool puzzlehunt.

Paul and I talk with Card Kingdom's Suzanne and Marguerite about the puzzle hunt on the Card Kingdom Twitch Channel starting at 1:30:00 here.

Thanks for supporting the Gauntlet!


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