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Welcome to the Gauntlet 2018 Bungie Team Fundraising Page!

This year marks our 5th anniversary of the Gauntlet Tabletop Fundraiser. On Sunday, May 20th, Team Bungie will compete in a tournament against 20 other local gaming studios and tabletop aficionados in order to raise funds for Wellspring Family Services, a local organization that has been working to build emotionally healthy, self-sufficient families and a nonviolent community for over 120 years. Your donations help them reach that goal, and embolden our team with Power Ups that will help us win the tournament. Head to our team’s Donation Page to commit your support on or before May 20th!

Debating between donating to Men in Kilts or the Gauntlet? Once you see these backer rewards, perhaps you’ll feel inclined to donate to both!

  • $10 – Vote on a local charity for the Gauntlet Tabletop team to volunteer at
  • $50 – Receive an unannounced new exclusive emblem in the fall for our next Destiny Comet release
    • Exact distribution date to be announced at a later date
  • $100 – The prize above, plus a “Programmer Art” caricature of you – we can’t guarantee it’ll be good, but it will be funny!
    • An email will be sent to donors at the end of the event containing a deadline for photo submissions. No photos will be accepted after the deadline has passed.
  • $500 – 1 ½ hour gameplay session with Bungie employee
    • An email will be sent to donors at the end of the event containing a list of disciplines to choose from, as well as specific time and date availability.
    • We can't reveal secrets or talk about unannounced content, but we can talk about making games, our day-to-day work, what a career path into games looks like, what we feel the best class is, or even debate favorite snacks
  • $1000 – All prizes above, plus participation in an exclusive virtual Pentathlon Puzzle Hunt
    • Every year during the Bungie Pentathlon, teams in the studio compete to solve a series of puzzles, the fastest team winning honor and glory. This year we are putting together an exclusive virtual puzzle-hunt for donors.
    • You and up to 12 of your friends will be invited to participate against other donors who’ve contributed over $1000. Date and time subject to Bungie and donor availability.
  • Whatever clan donates the most will be featured on Bungie.net
    • A survey will be sent to all donors at the end of the event requesting clan names. The winning clan will be contacted regarding their feature upon final determination.
  • If we reach $77k as a team, we will create a video of employees performing an emote of your choosing
    • An email will be sent to all donors at the end of the event with a survey of emotes to choose from.

Click here to watch the whole event unfold: Card Kingdom Twitch Channel

If you are interested in seeing how your donation impacts the tournament total, as well as how our team utilizes our earned power-ups, you may watch the live stream on May 20th!  

Thanks for your support! 

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